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Holiday Giving 2022
Saving those who need us most

Baloo’s only crime was being born in a puppy mill that just didn’t care if a Silver Lab was a good match for the family he was sold to.  At the ripe old age of 8 months, his family was ready to have him euthanized because he was too much for them to handle.  Fortunately, he found his way to our rescue but one year later is still looking for his forever home.  Our little Beagle Cooper lived in a highly dysfunctional home and was also facing euthanasia.  He has been with us for over two years.


We are often asked why we keep our animals for so long.  NJSH Pet Rescue believes that a healthy, well trained dog has the greatest chance for a successful adoption. Since our goal is to change each dog’s life forever, we adhere to rigorous protocols for the protection of both the pet and the adopter.  After a dog is evaluated they are placed in a loving foster home and are given time to decompress from their ordeals.  Then, the miracle can begin.


All NJSH Pet Rescues receive

  • spay or neuter

  • micro chipping

  • comprehensive veterinary care

  • positive reinforcement training

  • thoughtful placement


Although we have rescued many dogs from out of state, our focus this year has been on support of the overburdened New Jersey shelters and to serve as a resource for owner surrenders. Inflation and post-pandemic lifestyle changes have resulted in record numbers of homeless pets, placing shelters nationwide at critical capacity.


We need your help to provide these pets with the care they require to enjoy happy lives in loving homes. 


Won't you please help pets like Baloo and Cooper this holiday season?  Your donation of $75, $50 or even $40 can make a difference in their lives and help us continue to rescue those who need us most.


​We truly need and appreciate your generosity. 


Baloo ~ Silver Lab

Cooper ~ Beagle

Emergency Treatment

Essential Care

Safe Shelter


Contribute to our general fund

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